Good Standing Certificate

Good Standing Certificate

(Certificate of Existence)

Good Standing Certificate
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What is a Good Standing Certificate

A Good Standing Certificate is an official document from a state agency - usually the Secretary of State, stating that your business is in "Good Standing" with that state.  This means that you are registered with the state to do business; you are fully compliant with all state laws; and, in some states, you don't have any outstanding state debt or taxes.  A Certificate of Good Standing is sometimes called a "Certificate of Existence" or "Certificate of Status."

Why do I need a Good Standing Certificate

Banks often want to see a Certificate of Good Standing before they give you a loan.  Government agencies might want to see one before giving you a license, or for tax purposes.  Most states also require a Certificate of Good Standing if you're registering as a foreign business.

Foreign Qualification

Many companies require a Good Standing Certificate to qualify as a Foreign Corporation in a state other than the state in which they were originally incorporated.  A Foreign Corporation is a Corporation that is registered in one state and has the Authority to do business in another state.  For example, a Corporation registered in the state of California that plans to do business in the state of Florida is a Foreign Corporation in the state of Florida.

Most states require you to register as a Foreign Corporation in order to do business in their state.  In order to register as a Foreign Corporation in any state you must prove that you are registered in another state as a Domestic Corporation.  You usually have to prove this with a Certificate of Good Standing (Certificate of Existence/Certificate of Authority) from the state in which your Corporation or LLC was formed.  In addition to Good Standing Certificates, we provide full Foreign Qualification services.  Click here for more information on Foreign Qualifications in any state.

Requirements to obtain a Good Standing Certificate

  • Your company must be registered as a legal entity with the Secretary of State
      (Corporation, LLP or LLC)
  • Your company cannot be in default or suspended as defined by the state
  • Your company must have filed all required annual reports required by
      the Secretary of State
  • In some states, your company must have paid all required state taxes and fees

Other Names for a Good Standing Certificate

  • Certificate of Existence
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Certificate of Status
  • Certificate of Qualification
  • Certificate of Standing
  • Certificate of Authorization
  • Certificate of Fact
  • Letter of Good Standing

How can I get a Good Standing Certificate

You can order a Good Standing Certificate online right now by choosing your state from the list below.  If you're forming a new company with us, you can order a Good Standing Certificate at the same time. 

For most states we can email you a copy of your Good Standing Certificate within 2-3 hours.  Most states include a Certificate or Control Number on each Good Standing Certificate.  Some states allow you to use the Certificate Number to officially validate the Good Standing Certificate through the website of the Secretary of State.
For most states we can email you a copy within
2-3 hours after you apply for your Good Standing Certificate.
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