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S Corporation

S Corporations are not treated as separate taxable entities like C Corporations.  (The "S" is for Chapter S of the IRS code.)  No corporate income tax is paid to the IRS for S Corporations.   For tax purposes net income is "passed through" the S Corporation to the personal income tax of the shareholders and paid at the appropriate personal income tax rate.  With an S-Corporation double taxation (paying both corporate and personal income taxes) can be avoided while retaining all the legal protections of a C Corporation. 
As in a C Corporation shareholders of corporate stock are the owners of the S Corporation.  Federal law alows a nontaxable Employee Stock Ownership Plan to hold stock in an S Corporation.  This gives shareholders a way to defer some of their taxes.  No tax is paid on these stocks until they are withdrawn from the Plan. 
All Corporations start out as C Corporations.  In order to be treated as an S Corporation a form must be filed with the Federal government within 90 days of incorporation of the C Corporation. 

An S-Corporation has some limits on ownership.  It may be a better choice if you know that your Corporation will always be small and be owned by a small group of people.

S Corporation constraints include:
  • No more than 100 shareholders
  • All shareholders must be either US citizens or resident aliens, certain trusts, estates or organizations
  • Shareholders may not be partnerships, Corporations or non-resident aliens
  • Only common (not preferred) stock may be issued
S Corporations are required to hold director and shareholder meetings just like C Corporations. 

How do I form an S-Corporation

PCF can help you form an S Corporation when ordering your Corporation services. If you have an existing C Corporation and would like to convert it to an S Corporation, use the order form below. The fee for our S Corporation Election services is $30.00

If you are ready to form an S Corporation Online now simply fill in the form below and press Place Order

If you have any questions call us toll free at 855-771-2477

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