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Ohio LLC Dissolution
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As soon as an Ohio LLC is registered with the OH Secretary of State, that LLC is responsible for recurring obligations of the Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Department of Revenue. If the Ohio LLC does not file reports or pay taxes then that OH LLC could be responsible for penalties which go up as time goes by. Unless you legally Dissolve your Ohio LLC with the Ohio Secretary of State that OH LLC will be responsible for all recurring fees and penalties.

Our form includes the information needed in order to Dissolve an Ohio LLC. Once you click the Place Order button below, your OH LLC will be Dissolved by the Ohio Secretary of State as quickly as possible.
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Enter the name of the Ohio LLC you would like to Dissolve
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In most cases the reason a Ohio LLC requests Dissolution is because a majority of the LLC Members voted to Dissolve the Ohio Limited Liability Company.   If there is another reason for Dissolution please enter that reason below.
Street Address
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All assets have been distributed
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By checking this box I agree that all information submitted on this form is true and accurate and that I am a responsible party who may legally Dissolve this Ohio LLC.
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Please Note: We are not the Ohio Secretary of State nor are we associated with the Ohio Secretary of State.
All Ohio (OH) LLC Dissolution orders are refundable before payment is issued to the state of Ohio , minus a $25 cancellation fee, and less any expenses incurred in processing your order.  After payment has been delivered to the state of Ohio we cannot accept any cancellations or any changes to your Ohio (OH) LLC Dissolution order.  Generally, payments are made to the state of Ohio (OH) within 24 hours of receipt of your Ohio (OH) LLC Dissolution order.  To check the status of your Ohio (OH) LLC Dissolution order, make changes, or ask any questions, call us toll free at 855-771-2477.
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