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Corporation Annual Report Online

Annual Reports for
Corporations, LLCs and Non Profits

Corporation Annual Report Online
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Corporation Annual Report Online

An initial Annual Report must be filed with a state agency, usually the Secretary of State or Department of Treasury, within a certain time period after filing your original Articles of Incorporation/Organization.  The Annual Report includes information on directors, officers and your company's general business activity.

Most states require businesses to file some form of Annual Report with the Secretary of State or Department of Treasury on a regular basis, usually yearly, after the initial Annual Report is filed.  In most cases, this Annual Report is required even if you have done no business during the prior year.

If you don't file an Annual Report with the Secetary of State or Department of Treasury you put your Corporation, LLC or Non Profit at risk.  This could result in the suspension of your business by the Secretary of State or Department of Treasury.  A suspended Corporation cannot legally conduct business and may not sue or defend a law suit.  Contracts made by a suspended organization can be voided at the option of the other party.  Most importantly, it may be a criminal act to attempt to exercise any of these functions.

PCF will complete your Annual Report and coordinate it with the Secretary of State on the same day that you place your order.   We will send you all appropriate correspondence from the Secretary of State on the same day that we receive it.  In addition, we wil notify you each year 45 days before your Annual Report is due to be filed with the Secretary of State.

PCF has helped thousands of Corporations, LLCs and Non Profits stay in compliance with the Secretary of State and other corporate authorities in all 50 states.   We know what needs to be done and, more importantly, how to get it done as quickly as possible.
Processing times and state fees vary.  Specify your Business Type and the state in which you are incorporated below to get more information.
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AlertSite is a leading provider of web site monitoring and performance management solutions that help businesses ensure
          optimum web experiences for their customers.
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*48 hour incorporation and 24 hour certificates of good standing in Featured States only. Expedited processing may require additional state fees.
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