California Corporate Amendment
California Corporate Amendment
2 Day Turnaround Available
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To amend (change, add, delete) provisions contained in the Articles of Incorporation/Organization, it is necessary to prepare and file with the California Secretary of State a Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation/Organization in compliance with California Corporations Code Sections 900-910 (profit corporations), Section 5810-5820 (public benefit and religious corporations), Sections 7810-7820 (mutual benefit corporations), or Sections 17054 (LLC).
Corporate Certificates of Amendment are sometimes referred to as Articles of Amendment. Legal Corporate Amendments are needed whenever you want to make a change to your original Articles of Incorporation.  Articles of Amendments must be filed with the California Secretary of State.

Common changes that require Articles of Amendments are:
  • Changing your company name
  • Changing the type of management of your company
  • Changing the number of outstanding shares of stock or the individual share value
PCF can process requests for Articles of Amendments for Corporations, LLC's and Non-profits in California.  With our walk-in service to the California Secretary of State you cannot get any faster service.  Normal turnaround time from the California Secretary of State is 7-10 business days.
Rush Service with a Two Day Turnaround is Available
If you need an Article of Amendment approved sooner than the normal processing time, we offer 48 Hour Rush Service, which guarantees that the California Secretary of State will review and endorse the Certificate of Amendment within two business days.
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PCF needs a copy of the Articles that you filed when you formed your business.  If PCF helped you form your business we have the Articles on file.  If you would like to upload your Articles, we will include an upload link in an email that we will send you once you complete your order.
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Cancellation Policy
All Amendment orders are refundable before payment is issued to the state, minus a $25 cancellation fee, and less any expenses incurred in processing your order. After payment has been delivered to the state we cannot accept any cancellations or any changes to your order. Generally, payments are made to the state within 24 hours of receipt of your order. To check the status of your order, make changes, or ask any questions, call us.

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