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PCF Disclaimer

PCF Disclaimer

What we aren't

PCF is not a legal service and we do not provide legal advice.  Please don't rely on us for legal advice.  Don't take anything on GetIncNow.com as legal authority.  If you need legal advice, talk to a lawyer.  In addition, nothing on this site should be construed as offering any guarantee or warranty.

What we are

PCF is a filing service that can help you with forming a corporation and other types of filings, both corporate and personal.  We can prepare and file forms on your behalf.  We have formed thousands of companies (corporations, LLCs, and non-profits) and we're happy to share our experience with you.  Our web site contains a lot of information about company formation and other services we offer.  This information is as accurate as we could make it, but please don't blame us if we made a mistake.  The best way to know for sure is to contact us directly.

What you can do with this information

The information on this web site should be used for informational and descriptive purposes only.  If you need specific advice on how to form a corporation or other filing help, please contact us directly.

What you can't do

Don't expect legal advice from us.  PCF is not a legal service.  If you act in detrimental reliance on our advice, you bear full responsibility.

Don't expect us to keep your company running.  We are only a formation and filing company.  Most states have requirements you need to meet every year in order for your corporation to be valid.  We are not responsible for keeping your company compliant.  We do offer services such as statements of information and FEIN, but you need to request them.

We can't verify your personal data.  You are responsible for any errors on the order form.  Please make sure everything is correct before you hit that Place Order button.  We do offer Amendments service, and we can handle your s-corporation election, but we will charge for these additional services.

Prices and services may change without notice.  We do our best to keep this site accurate and up to date but there might be errors.  If you find one, don't hold it against us.

Also, this is a commercial product and copyrighted by Pacific Corporate Filings.  Do not copy or distribute anything on this site without our permission.  And definitely do not use this information for your own commercial purposes without our permission.

Our cancellation policy

All corporate filing orders are refundable before payment is issued to the state, minus a $50 cancellation fee, and less any expenses incurred in processing your order.  All good standing certificate orders are refundable before payment is issued to the state, minus a $25 cancellation fee, and less any expenses incurred in processing your order.  After payment has been delivered to the state we cannot accept any cancellations or any changes to your order.  Generally, payments are made to the state within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  To check the status of your order, make changes, or ask any questions, call us.