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What is Tennessee Corporation Foreign Qualification?

You want to do business in the state of Tennessee but are registered as a Domestic Corporation in another state.  In order to legally conduct business in the state of Tennessee you must register with the Tennessee Secretary of State as a Foreign Corporation.   more...

What is a Tennessee Foreign Corporation?

In the United States, just because you are registered to do business in one state does not mean that you can legally do business in another state.  If you want to transact any serious business in a state other than the state in which your Corporation is registered, most likely you will have to register with the state in which you want to do business before you can legally conduct business there.  more...

Do I need a lawyer to Form a Foreign Corporation in Tennessee?

The short answer is no.  The state of Tennessee does not legally require a lawyer to form a Tennessee Foreign Corporationmore...

Do I have to Reserve a Company Name before I Form a Foreign Corporation in TN?

You are not legally required to reserve a Company Name for a new Tennessee Foreign Corporation before you submit your application to form a Foreign Corporation in Tennessee.  more...

What do I have to do to Form a Foreign Corporation in Tennessee?

5 things you have to do in order to Form a Tennessee Foreign Corporation
  1. Prove that you are registered in a state other than TN as a Domestic Corporation
  2. Choose a name for your Tennessee Foreign Corporation
  3. Select an official address and a Registered Agent for your TN Foreign Corporation
  4. File Registration Documents with the Tennessee Secretary of State
  5. Determine how you want your Tennessee Foreign Corporation to be taxed

What do I have to do to after I Form a Tennessee Foreign Corporation?

4 things you have to do in after you Form a Tennessee Foreign Corporation
  1. Obtain Business Licenses from the cities and counties in which you plan to do business
  2. File the required reports for your Tennessee Foreign Corporation
  3. Keep proper records of your Tennessee Foreign Corporation on file
  4. Pay your taxes to the state of Tennessee

What information do I need in order to Form a Foreign Corporation in Tennessee?

In order to Form a Foreign Corporation in Tennessee you'll need certain specific information about your Company including the Corporation name and address; and Registered Agent information.

How long does it take to Form a Foreign Corporation in Tennessee?

Processing times for new Tennessee Foreign Corporation applications vary depending on the work load of the Secretary of State's staff.  We've found that normal processing of new Tennessee Foreign Corporation applications takes the state around 1-2 business days.  Add 2-3 days for the time period for shipping the final documents by mail.  Choosing our Overnight Delivery option can shave a couple of days off the total processing time for your new Tennessee Foreign Corporation.
The Tennessee Secretary of State reserves the right to extend expedite periods in time of extreme volume, staff shortage or equipment malfunction.  We are dependent on, and have no control over, the staff and systems of the Tennessee Secretary of State.

In our experience 1-2 business days is the time it usually takes the Tennessee Secretary of State to process a new Tennessee Foreign Corporation application. We get your Tennessee Foreign Corporation application to the TN Secretary of State ASAP. Once it is at the state we have no control over the new Tennessee Foreign Corporation application process.

Are there any Expedited Processing Options for a new TN Foreign Corporations?

The Tennessee Secretary of State does not offer expedited filing options for new Tennessee Corporation filings.

How much does it cost to Form a Foreign Corporation in Tennessee?

The state of Tennessee charges $620.00 to Form a Foreign Corporation in TN.  Also add the cost of a good standing certificate from your home state.   If you choose us to help you Form your Foreign Corporation in Tennessee our processing fees are $199.00.  This includes:
  • Same day processing of your new Tennessee Foreign Corporation order
  • TN Name Check and Reservation
  • Prepare Application for Certificate of Authority
  • File Formation Documents with the Tennessee Secretary of State
  • Certified Copies of Formation Documents
  • Tennessee Foreign Corporation Checklist
  • Priority Mail Delivery
  • Unlimited Customer Support
For $199 our Tennessee Foreign Qualification services include:
 Same day processing   explain
 TN Name Check and Reservation
 Prepare Formation Documents
 File Formation Documents
 Certified Copies of Formation Docs
 TN Foreign Corporation Checklist
 Priority Mail Delivery
 Unlimited Customer Support
You may need these additional products and services:
check the box next to any option price will be
calculated automatically
 Overnight Delivery $50   explain
 S-Corporation Election $30   explain
 TN Registered Agent $135   explain
 TN Corporation Kit and Seal $75   explain
 Business License Research $150   explain

You will need a good standing certificate from your home state that is no older than 2 months.
Choose your home state from the list, the price of the good standing certificate below will be updated automatically.
I already have a good standing certificate
Processing fees $199.00
Tennessee incorporation fees $620.00
Optional products and services $0.00
Good Standing Certificate $0.00
Certified Copy Fee $0.00
Total estimated cost $819.00
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  • We start processing your Tennessee Foreign Corporation order as soon as it arrives.
  • We get your documents to the Tennessee Secretary of State in the quickest possible way.  If we receive your order before noon Tennessee time we will submit your Tennessee Foreign Corporation application to the Secretary of State on the same day we receive it.
  • We guarantee our work.  If you're not satisfied with our Tennessee Foreign Qualification services we will refund 100% of your processing fees.
  • We've been helping businesses Incorporate in Tennessee for over ten years.  Our A+ BBB rating speaks for itself!
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