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What is a Registered Agent?
Every Corporation or LLC in every state needs to specify a name and address to which the Secretary of State may send official and legal notices and to which Service of Process may be delivered.  The person to which correspondence and Service of Process is sent is known a Registered Agent or Agent for Service of Process.  The address to which official and legal correspondence and Service of Process is sent is known the Registered Address of the Corporation or LLC.

The Registered Agent name and Registered Address are specified on of the Articles of Organization for a LLC or the Articles of Incorporation for a Corporation.
Why do I need a Registered Agent?
If the Secretary of State, or other agencies like the IRS or Department of Revenue, needs to send notice to a Corporation or LLC it needs an address to which to send the notices.  If someone needs to serve process against a Corporation or LLC they need a physical street address to which the process can be served.

The Registered Agent receives license renewals and other notices and forwards them to the Corporation or LLC.  The Registered Agent also accepts legal papers served on the Corporation or LLC.  The Registered Agent provides a physical address at which the Registered Agent is available for service of process.

A small Corporation or LLC might find it advisable to use a commercial Registered Agent service with its own physical mailing address, to serve as the Registered Agent for the Corporation or LLC. Having an outside Registered Agent is one way to help keep the personal affairs of the LLC's members or the Corporation's shareholders separate from the business affairs of the LLC or Corporation itself. Having an outside Registered Agent can also provide the LLC with a physical mailing address, when one is needed for certain purposes, such as obtaining an Federal Tax ID (EIN) or business licenses.

We can provide Registered Agent services in any state for $135 per year.  Just fill in the form below to order our Registered Agent services.

You can also order our Registered Agent services if you choose us to help you form your new Corporation or LLC.
Can I be my own Registered Agent?
There are not many restrictions regarding who can be a Registered Agent other than a person or company which has a physical street address within the state during normal business hours.

If you have a physical street address (not a post office box or mail stop) in the state in which you have Registered your business you can act as your own Registered Agent.

However, if you do not have a physical address within the state in which your Corporation or LLC is Registered then you can designate a company that specializes in Registered Agent Services to be your official and legal Registered Agent.

A Registered Agent Service company receives all official and legal correspondence as well as Service of Process and forwards them to a designated contact at your company.  Many Corporations and LLCs hire a Registered Agent Service company to provide a level of privacy.
Are there other names for a Registered Agent?
A Registered Agent may also be referred to as:
  • Resident Agent
  • Statutory Agent
  • Agent of Process
  • Agent for Service of Process
What happens if I do not have a Registered Agent?
If you do not maintain a Registered Agent your company falls out of good standing with the state.

The consequences if the Secretary of State finds out that you do not have a Registered Agent vary from state to state.  You may expose your Corporation or LLC to administrative, or involuntary, dissolution.  When a company is dissolved by the Secretary of State it is illegal for that company to do business and the personal assets of the owners may be exposed to risk.  The liability protection provided by the Corporation or LLC would be lost.
What if I want to change my Registered Agent?
You can change your Registered Agent any time you want.  You have to officially notify the Secretary of State that you are changing your Registered Agent. If you want to change your Registered Agent we can do that for you.  We will fill out all the required forms and get your Registered Agent changed as quickly as possible.  Just fill in the form below and we will take it from there.  There is usually a nominal fee to change the Registered Agent.  The Registered Agent change fee varies from state to state.
How can I sign up for Registered Agent Services?
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